How to Protect Your Vehicle Against Theft in the UK

Vehicle theft is a serious issue all over the world. With the relay theft added to the rising crime wave throughout the UK, vehicle owners have a right to be worried. With around 90,000 cars being stolen in the UK every year, (307 daily to be exact!) car theft is at an all-time high. Not only are the figures rising rapidly, but 60% of reported car thefts has unfortunately gone unsolved. However, car owners aren't totally helpless against these issues and Thatcham-approved insurance tracking devices can greatly help protect vehicles against criminals.


Thatcham are an independent vehicle safety and security research company who have been the dominant force in their field since 1992. They have proved to be a catalyst in the reduction of car theft, proven by the fact crime fell by half a million per annum in merely a few years. The Thatcham accreditation system is used by insurance companies as a guide for lowering insurance premiums based on your Thatcham approved tracker.

If you’re looking to cut your insurance premiums using a GPS vehicle tracker, there are few better options than a Thatcham approved device – these systems are recognised as a seal of approval for quality and security, helping you to bring the price of car insurance down. Thatcham approved trackers are usually cost a little more than the average tracker in the first instance, but over time the saving that you make on insurance prices is sure to level the playing field.


How To Work Smarter With GPS Tracking

In the age of computers, mobile devices and apps, it’s time for all businesses to adopt the latest GPS technology to locate their drivers in real-time, lower fuel costs, manage driver behavior, ensure on-time deliveries and to improve the security of vehicle fleets. GPS Tracking will bring your business one step ahead of your competitors.


How to Improve the Security of Vehicles With GPS Technology

Vehicle theft rates are increasing at a record pace since 2012. Secuırity and tech companies constantly work on new technologies to keep vehicles safe against theft. The developments in the field of GPS and the latest innovations made vehicle tracking systems one of the best security options on the market for car owners. With sophisticated features such as sensors, event alerts, geofence zones and real-time tracking; people can ensure the security of their vehicle and focus on their daily tasks instead of worrying about their car.

Global Positioning System or GPS consists of 24 active satellites in orbit around the world sending signals constantly that receivers on the ground can pick up to determine their location. There are other information receivers can calculate by using the GPS signals such as direction, angle, and speed. Thanks to this advanced technology, vehicle trackers are extremely reliable and accurate at monitoring the movements of a vehicle.

Real-time tracking is an invaluable tool for businesses and individuals. People can keep track of their vehicles in remote areas or observe the movements of their employees to improve their route. Also, in case of an emergency, this feature allows the user to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle immediately allowing the safe return of the vehicle.

Geofence zones and sensors can be used as an early warning and defense system against the thieves. Geofence zones are virtual fences that users can create around a location on the ma. These zones can be configured to send an alert every time the tracker arrives or leaves the preset location. With an active geofence zone in place, no one can move a vehicle without its owner's authorization and even if they do, the tracking device will send an instant smartphone notification. With an early warning to the owner alerting them about the theft attempt, they can alert the police and help them stop the criminals from stealing their vehicle.

Sensors like motion, tampering, and ignition are extremely sensitive and detects the slightest movement or tampering on the vehicle. They are great preventive security measures to deter a thief and protect a vehicle.
Vehicle tracking devices are definitely worth the cost of their investment. No other security system can offer the advanced features and the ability to recover a stolen vehicle other than a vehicle GPS tracking system. With the best security installed and activated on their vehicle, car owners can stop worrying about theft.



Benefits of Fleet Management Systems for Businesses

GPS technology makes it easy to run a business that relies on vehicles more effectively and efficiently, whether it is a delivery service, a transport company, a rental business or a fleet of cars for your team to get to meetings. Transport is a major factor in most businesses and using one of the various vehicle tracking systems on the market can bring many benefits. In today's world, fleet management systems are designed to minimize vehicle investment risks, reduce transportation and staff costs, improve efficiency and increase productivity. This results in an overall optimization of the company’s fleet management process.

One of the biggest costs incurred by companies running their own fleet is fuel. It is almost a necessity to always look for more fuel-efficient vehicles and eliminate the causes of excess fuel usage when putting together a strategy. Fleet management software can help you create fuel reports for company car drivers based on certain parameters, such a fuel type, emissions and much more. The tracking software will help save a lot of money on fuel; its capabilities will enable you to bring in fuel card information for analysis so you can compare mileage figures and driver performance.


A broken truck is a vehicle that needs to be replaced which only means one thing: More resources spent on new equipment rather than putting it towards company growth. When there is an automated ongoing "eye" on your vehicles through fleet management, you're more likely to become aware of vehicle issues before it becomes completely disabled. Constantly monitoring vehicles for maintenance or scheduling repairs without knowing the issue can be costly but with a vehicle tracking device on fleet vehicles, fleet managers will always know when a truck needs repair and prevent untimely malfunctions.

Especially if you’re a delivery service, competition can be fierce. Getting products and services on time to a customer can be the difference between them sticking with your services, or deciding to go a different direction. With a GPS fleet tracking system, you can remain a step ahead of the competition by finding faster routes to your destinations.

Fleet tracking systems can also put your business ahead of the competition by streamlining your operation. You can reduce costs, maintain your vehicles, and keep your customers happy. Easily-available data, time and cost savings, safety, and more: there are lots of perks that can come from taking on a fleet management system. Whether you have hundreds of vehicles or just a couple modes of transportation, your business can easily reap the benefits of a good fleet tracking system. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and save money at the same time, fleet tracking systems are the right choice for your company.


Providing Additional Security for Kids with GPS

Parents worry about the safety of their children until they are adults and for good reason. We live in a dangerous world and children can be lured by a predator or get abducted. Small children also tend to wander away from their parents and go missing in the blink of an eye. For this reason and many other similar reasons, parents enlist the help of technology in case their children disappear from their eyesight. Personal tracking devices specifically designed for children help parents ensure children stay within the safe perimeters determined by their parents.
A child GPS locator is a tracking device for children that provides parents with specific information about their children’s whereabouts at any given time. There are many designs featuring different shapes, sizes, and functions to meet your specific tracking needs, which may vary based on the age of your child and the primary concerns you’d like to address.
So how does it work? GPS stands for Global Positioning System – a network of satellites in space which constantly orbit the earth. We’ll spare you the complicated details, but devices equipped with GPS receivers – such as smartphones, navigators, and GPS tracking devices for children – are able to find at least four of these satellites at any time, pinpointing their own locations based on the distance from the device to each satellite. This trilateration makes GPS receivers quite accurate, and it’s why you know right away when you’ve taken a wrong turn on your way to that new restaurant.
So why should you consider getting a child tracker for your kids? One of the main reasons for buying a tracking device for your child is being able to track their location in real-time whenever you want. In the event of an emergency or if your children somehow go missing, a worried parent can locate them in a matter of minutes. The peace of mind a child tracker gives to parents is unmatched. No other safety measure or device can guarantee the safety of your child other than a child GPS tracker.



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