How to Track a Vehicle Using a Smartphone

Tracking a vehicle on the map in real-time using nothing but your smartphone is the next level of security for your car. Regardless of the size of the vehicle, there are various GPS tracking devices and systems that you can choose to track your device. These tracking devices come with features that perfectly integrates with the existing system and provides efficient tracking of your vehicle. You can easily buy a GPS tracker from different companies on the market but learning about the features and choosing a tracking device according to your needs will help you make the right decision.

Real-Time Tracking

Most of the available GPS vehicle tracking systems come with a real-time tracking feature. Using these features, with the movement of the device, the exact location of the device is transmitted to the tracking platform on a real-time basis, along with the direction and the speed of the vehicle. GPS tracking devices use a tracking software you can track and manage multiple vehicles with ease. Real-time tracking software is available on a PC, tablet or smartphone to make it easier for the nontech-savvy to use them.

Route History

Cars are an expensive commodity hence they are always on top of the list of thieves. There are a lot of options to improve the security of a vehicle but tracking systems offer advantageous features compared to locks and alarms. With a tracking device installed, you can gather valuable information about your trips about your vehicle and the routes. This information is stored in the form of engine time, kilometres travelled, idling, stoppages, and average speed ready to be used anytime. Essential information such as speeding and idling are shown on the map with detailed information. This feature is very important for business owners, allowing them to view the route information and unwanted driver behaviour.

Alerts and Notifications

By using this feature you can assign alerts and notifications of events such as speeding, idling, route deviation and theft attempts. With these alerts in place, you can analyze driver behaviour and optimize not just workforce, but also fuel usage. You can also set smartphone notifications for speeding, movement, and geo-fence zone in/out to be immediately notified and take precautions.

Geofence Zones

One of the prominent features of the tracking systems; geofence zones can be described as virtual boundaries you can set up around places like your house, workplace or anywhere you want on the map. These geographical boundaries around the landmarks will alert you every time your vehicle enters or leaves these areas. Geofence zones improve operational efficiency, mobile workforce optimization and provide additional security for your vehicles.


Vehicle tracking systems come with a sophisticated tracking software that provides detailed reports about your vehicles and trips. These reports offer essential information such as total distance (in Kms) travelled, over speeding, idling time, maintenance schedules, and fuel usage.

User-friendly interface

GPS tracking software can be accessed by using a computer or a mobile device. Easy to understand, the simple and intuitive interface gives you total control over an entire fleet of vehicles and drivers. With the ability to monitor real-time locations and historical data on one screen, you can make necessary changes for drivers and vehicles on the road.

GPS tracking systems are equipped with advanced features that allow you to locate a vehicle in real-time and boost its security. You can access comprehensive information about your trips and telematics data at any given time. With the level protection and information they provide, GPS tracking devices are definitely worth their cost and their advanced features will give you a peace of mind.


Benefits of Personal Tracking Devices for Sales Teams

Everyone knows that businesses who manage outside sales teams allow for a certain amount of freedom when they are out in the field. It is a challenging task to verify their whereabouts during their work hours. This isn’t good for business since this is a grey area for managers and supervisors if they can’t determine what sales people are doing in the field. With the introduction of the personal tracking devices, it is all in the past now.

The personal tracking technology now provides vital data for businesses to increase sales and gain an extensive knowledge of the teams in the field. It is a great advantage to be able to track your sales teams, observe the route taken and how fast their vehicle is moving. Supervisors can analyze the data to provide effective solutions for problems the sales team might encounter in the field. These small tracking devices can be carried on person or attached to a metal surface by using magnetic cases.

Whether you have a small or a large company, sales force tracking is a critical requirement for businesses all around the world. Making an investment in personal tracking systems will not only stop unauthorized vehicle usage, you will also be able to keep a check on employees who are underperforming.
With the help of personal tracking platform, sales force tracking will allow you to know where your sales teams at all times. Managers will be able to verify if the sales teams have made assigned visits or slacking in the field. With the telematics and GPS data, you can also check the total distance travelled by your employees and compensate them accordingly. This will also get rid of false overtime and gas claims as well.
Tracking a sales team with a personal tracking device allows you to use a number of features managers can benefit in order to improve their operation. Route history, geo-fence zones, real-time tracking and many other features will be at your disposal to control your teams and boost sales. With the geo-fence feature, field managers can create virtual perimeters and assign a zone for each sales team. The tracking device can be configured to send an alert whenever it enters or leaves the assigned area. This way managers can make sure the sales teams stay in their designated area and improve overall productivity.

As mentioned before, sales personnel has a lot of freedom in the field and for companies with hundreds even thousands of sales people, it is hard to distinguish who is doing their job and who isn’t. Personal tracking data provided by the tracking platform allows you to identify unwanted crew behaviours such as unauthorized vehicle use, speeding or not attending to customers or job sites. This will allow you to eliminate bad habits and your employees will develop better work ethics. You can also issue instant alerts to employees displaying such behaviour.
By equipping your sales teams with personal tracking devices, you can help them avoid heavy traffic, road maintenance, accidents and enable to reach their destinations faster. Tracking your sales teams in real-time allows you to monitor their activities closer. You can view the amount of time they spend with the clients, how often they visit or detect any unattended customers. In the event of an urgent request, by using real-time tracking, dispatchers can locate the closest team member and reroute them to deal with the customer. This will save you time, increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

GPS tracking technology has advanced to the point that it is extremely reliable and affordable for all companies. Investing in personal tracking systems will save your company a considerable amount of time, money and effort. Managers will be able to control their field teams more efficiently which will increase your revenue. Personal locators have become a necessity to deal with the difficulties you will encounter in the field.

Gps Unit system: Minimize high risk driving behaviors


Paying traffic tickets is not that any company owner’s perception of the best time and neither is developing an undesirable reputation because of their fleets’ perilous driving practices. As more individuals enter the freeway ever calendar year there exists much more need to be aware, hold comfortable, and avoid hostile driving. It just takes a single car accident to wreck a lot of lives. With information and facts supplied by Gps Navigation tracking units you can apply your behalf to discourage intense driving a motor vehicle, even though only by checking your individual fleet drivers.

gps tracker system The Gps Navigation system Aggressive Driving document is probably the most critical resources that fleet professionals can make use of. By examining in on things such as quick increases or decreases in speed you can assist end harmful behaviors like speeding. The report will get so in depth that you will be able to consider whether your staff are increasing usually in large traffic parts, on road onramps, or even just lower a simple town street.

Even as we described, alerts will also be a terrific way to make use of Gps Navigation tracking system products for removing hostile generating. Speed alerts will be the most rational notification for monitoring the every day driving data of your respective motorists. Just set up a typical speed you will not would like drivers to exceed as well as the speed notify will be sending out a notice when that speed is surpassed. It's Actually as basic as that to determine if your drivers are obeying traffic laws and regulations.

You possibly will not, normally, be aware of what your drivers are doing on the highway unless of course you have It might appear Aggressive driving is really a harmful situation and if you wish to take your drivers away from the mixture, consider Gps Navigation tracker devices.

Dispatching is definitely allowed to be on level using guidelines, but on occasion metropolis building can somewhat pop-up inside a matter of hours, leading to any excuses for an instant regarding- option. With Gps Device tracking the Innovative Course-plotting alternative means that we can quickly up-date the organized route producing sychronisation easier.

Cash savings areas of GPS tracking come up once the technology is utilized to give you the best affected person care achievable while reducing overhead costs, such as fuel, vehicle routine maintenance, and receiving reduced insurance costs. Saving money on the little things can also add up and open the potential of having more money for having to pay

Lower your Gas Bills using GPS Devices

Gasoline bills are probably the most discussed fleet expenses, as many aim to find out how to minimize them. Many fleet managers come to feel they spend less in the fall Perhaps your staff are getting about their day all wrong and there isn’t any way for you to know about it, if you don't have GPS tracker gadgets in each and every car. Currently, we’re going to detail 3 good reasons gasoline costs are more expensive when you are not applying Gps Device tracking system devices.

Practically No Route Organizing is A typical problem amongst vehicle drivers is taking the long way available. It may be random, however, many drivers know a good way to go and pick that path regardless of what. Others only depend on mobile software or out-of-date personal gps devices to have around, usually getting themselves becoming lost and throwing away mileage in the process.

An Excessive Amount Of Idling: Cold weather might cause far more drivers to hold the motor working for a longer period in an attempt to heat up your vehicle. Some drivers leaves an automobile working to rush inside of for the purpose they feel is “just1 moment”. Each And Every second of idling accumulates, wastes energy, and is important towards the ultimate degradation of the motor.

Tk 103 GPS Tracker

The Tendency To Hurry: It is apparently a typical thought processes between people that heading 5-10 kilometers within the speed limit is suitable. Besides this being damaging, but speeding makes all the motor work much harder and burn up much more gas.

Now, what can happen if you did have Gps System tracker devices in each and every car? With GPS tracker devices dispatchers could supply switch -by- switch guidelines to drivers and prepare the least amount of, most effective tracks to work- sites. This could eradicate issues with path organizing. Additionally, idling might be supervised with reports and notifications. Ultimately, speeding may also be supervised by examining the GPS tracker information which can be routinely documented.

Tips for choosing a GPS Tracker

An excellent choice of GPS, not only provides advance tracking features but it can also save your money and efforts. Whether you are taking it for your personal use or for your business, picking a quality GPS tracking solution is very important. Following are some important points which should be considered while choosing a GPS tracking solution for vehicles
Fleet Management and Security: A GPS vehicle tracking device is mostly used by fleet managers in order to easily manage their fleet. In such condition, one should always look for a device having fleet management and security features. Real time tracking, Geo fencing, location tracking, speed detection and mileage monitoring helps fleet admin in easy vehicle management while features like voice and SMS alerts and engine block ensures the safety of the vehicle.

Tk 103 GPS Tracker

Advance Monitoring Software: A GPS solution is the combination of a tracker and a monitoring software. Monitoring software shows the details of the vehicle and via this software the fleet owner can get updates and information about the vehicle. It is important to choose a software with advance technology and easy user interface.

Effortless and Easy to Manage: Before purchasing a GPS device, ensure that it is easily accessible and all the features can be used in the simplest manner.

Features and Price: Before acquiring any GPS device, it is good to study a little about GPS devices and their features. There are many GPS providers in the market which offer different kind of devices like real time GPS, Passive GPS and many more. You should consider the features which you required for your business and then check for price. See the prices are suitable for the features or not.

Compatible with your Vehicle: A good GPS tracking device should be useful for businesses as well as for individuals also. Powerful battery backup, advance and easy to use software, complete fleet management and security features are a symbol of a good GPS device. Confirm all these features in your GPS tracking product.
By looking carefully and keeping some knowledge, you can choose the best GPS tracking device for your vehicle. If we talk about the above points, then MyGuradian have all the features which are required by a business owner or by an individual. Stay in touch with us for more on vehicle tracking and fleet management.



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