12 Tips For Choosing A Gps Vehicle Tracking System

Fitting a GPS vehicle tracking system can not only give you peace of mind, it can save you money as well. Whether you are planning to fit a GPS tracking to your business vehicles as part of a fleet management strategy, or fitting a GPS device to your personal car, there are several things to consider before choosing the right vehicle tracking system for your needs because vehicle theft is increasing in the UK.

1. Type of tracking system

There are various types of vehicle tracking systems available. For individual users, the most common system is an on-board navigation system that uses GPS technology to provide the best route from point A to point B. Other GPS systems fitted to cars and vehicles monitor the vehicles position at any time (usually to within inches of the vehicles real-time position) and are particularly useful for fleet management. Many GPS devices can be activated in case of an accident, alerting the emergency services to the exact location of the vehicle. This is particularly useful if the vehicle has left the road and is hidden from view or has crashed in a remote location.

2. Real Time Tracking

Good GPS tracking systems have an ability to utilise a real-time wireless network that allows information via a visual representation. This allows the user to verify that they are taking the correct route as indicated by the system. For fleet managers, it also allows a visual representation of the location of any fleet vehicle at any time, giving them the ability to send the nearest vehicle to a pick up point or track the progress of a delivery.

3. Speed Limit Monitor

Some vehicle tracking systems also have a speed limit monitor, which can notify fleet managers if their vehicles are using excessive speed. Not only does speeding cost a company money in wasted fuel, but can lead to a tarnished reputation and possible prosecution of drivers breaking the speed limits. A speed limit monitor can allow fleet managers to stop drivers who constantly break the speed limits from wasting company money and, more importantly, endangering the lives of themselves and other road users.

4. Voice instructions

Although still in its infancy, voice activation is a developing technology that allows instructions to be spoken into the GPS device. This may not be as useful for fleet management operations, so it may be better to choose a system that can accept remote instructions from a central control unit. In this way a GPS vehicle tracking system can also double up as a receiver for instructions relayed to the driver, particularly in remote locations where mobile phone reception may be non-existent.

5. Quality versus price

Although it may be tempting to go for the cheapest vehicle tracking system you can buy, the more you pay for a system the better the quality. Cheaper systems may be adequate, but they will have limited functions and will certainly perform poorly as compared to a higher quality and more expensive system. If you are planning to install a GPS tracking system into a fleet management strategy, remember that it is a business investment (and therefore tax deductible) that is designed to improve the efficiency of a major part of your business. A larger investment in the beginning will lead to a larger saving overall in the long term. As GPS devices can also play an important part in your safety and in speedy recovery if the vehicle is stolen, a cheap system may let you down when you most need it.

Imagine yourself waking up and you find yourself inside your car in the middle of a wasteland. Maybe you've driven yourself aimlessly the night before and you didn't realize you were off the course driving farther away from city limits. You took out your cell phone but you still couldn't get a decent signal to call for help. Although you do have a map with you, it seemed worthless because you do not know your exact location. So you looked around and you cringed at the only life forms around -- a few birds and geckos that straddle across the arid soil. You could scream but no one could possibly hear you. Or you could use the GPS vehicle tracking system and find yourself on your way home. Too bad, you did not have that GPS vehicle tracking system installed in your car.

You'll never know when you'll be trapped in the similar situation as above, especially when you're always driving in places you barely know. This is why opting to have a GPS vehicle tracking system installed in your car will save you from that nightmare of being lost in the wilderness. To be guided in choosing the right GPS vehicle tracking system, here are 7 essential tips you have to keep in mind:

6) Type Of Tracking Systems

Basically, four major types of GPS vehicle tracking systems you can choose from. These are the car navigation GPS system, the portable outdoors GPS unit, the marine GPS system, and the PDA/GPS hybrid. Overall, you could find the in-car GPS navigation system the most useful when you want to know your exact location when you're driving without a map.

7) Voice Instructions

Make sure your GPS vehicle tracking system is capable of giving you voice instructions when driving. Some models offer only visual location maps and this might not be useful when you're driving alone.

8) Real Time Tracking

Another feature that would be vital for a GPS vehicle tracking system is its ability to utilize a "real-time" wireless network that could allow you to process information via a visual representation, in case you want to verify if you're doing the right turns.

9) Quality Over Price

Cheaper GPS vehicle tracking systems might conk out before you can use it. A GPS vehicle tracking system is an investment, so make sure you get the best brand.

10) Speed Limit Monitor

Another important feature that you need to check out is that if your GPS vehicle tracking system has a speed limit monitor, which will get you out of trouble with the police.

11) No Monthly

Fees Make sure your GPS vehicle tracking system offers you the service for free with your receiver. However, when you want advanced feature like tracking your kids when they went out with your car is another matter. Some companies offer these tracking services with affordable fees.

12) User-Friendly

If you're no techno-geek, you should try to choose a model that even grandma won't be hassled using this device.

Get yourself this security blanket when driving. Clearly, you will be amazed of how it could save you time, money and even your life if you have installed a GPS vehicle tracking system in your car.

By thinking carefully about your GPS investment and choosing the right one for your requirements, a vehicle tracking system can become an important part of your daily life, giving you peace of mind and a more efficient business operation. Its value as an investment will mean that it should pay for itself in no time at all.


GPS may be Quickest method for Saving Fuel


If you're the reliable individual for control overa number of cars or trucks, you will likely often be really burned out quite a bit as a result of good expenditure required. You'll find your own self in search of certain techniques to trim down factors as well as enrich both your productiveness, as well as your bottom line. You are able to avoid trying to find much easier techniques to achieve this without having reducing your car or truck fleet’s excellent. Rewire Monitoring Programs offer you fleet supervisors methods to take shortcuts while keeping car or truck fleet quality. Keeping tabs on both your cars and drivers’ functionality has become straightforward utilizing innovative GPS tracker devices.

Boosting your enterprise workers’ work productivity and cutting down gasoline charges are a pair of things that happen to be crucial that you all fleet professionals and business owners. On the list of best technique of doing it is by using a Gps Unit auto following option that gives you more information. The rising price of gas and propane is making it required for fleet executives and car owners to come across different ways to minimize fuel use of their automobiles. GPS monitoring programs include some good and beneficial administration characteristics, amidst these will be the application that will help you to reduce gas intake, and get the maximum fleets energy overall performance. Most fleet professionals will show you soon just after adding this car or truck keeping track of technique, they begun to see a decrease in their vehicles’ complete petrol consumption expenses.

The info gathered via Gps System tracking program enables you to increase fleet performance with lowered merchandise shipping and delivery periods while improving customer support constantly. Fleet tracking may be used to deliver close to authentic Which means closest motor vehicles can be forwarded consequently to lessen answer times, which will match your customers eventually. By acquiring facts for the volume of prevents and put it off times during the autos, now providers can be certain sheduled delivery are created in time and maintaining shoppers satisfied and minimizing energy resource charges.


Using a business gps locating product increases the firm the capability to quickly and conveniently figure out particular automobile destinations and idle periods of each and every car. This generated practical alternatives for more quickly customer satisfaction, less complicated control and depleted petrol bills. GPS Tracking units supply programmed alerts for your automobiles demanding upkeep or distinct functions. Fleet supervisors can set up miles driven for tire and engine oil changes, automobile fine-tuning, and scheduled engine core support work. This virtually eradicates the requirement for manual record keeping and examining, and cuts down repair expenses to your autos.

Inspite of low energy costs trending country wide, fuel will always be a cost for fleets which needs to be held in verify. You should constraint idling whilst cutting down speeding, enhance routing, as well as remove follow up utilization of organization cars to keep gasoline charges straight down. Equipment rental-car fleets commonly see substantial fuel use by reason of too much motor idle time for the duration of tools shipping. GPS tracking can help check idle time by means of reviews and automated signals. Send warnings to car or truck owners and fleet executives when autos get past a suitable limit of nonproductive time and energy to actively avert needless substantial petrol charges.

Once you use a Car Or Truck Vehicle Tracking Structure, you'll soon see that you will be minimizing and managing your charges and you're simply The ability is going to be yours to absolve a large amount of lost revenue that is certainly used on a yearly basis on energy resource. Additionally Fleet Tracking will routinely notify with signal, when drivers get into and leave their occupation site by creating a geo- fence sector. You will additionally acquire status updates when cars being used on out working hours and making certain that your corporation equipment remain restricted to corporation connected duties.



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