Benefits of Personal Tracking Devices for Sales Teams

Everyone knows that businesses who manage outside sales teams allow for a certain amount of freedom when they are out in the field. It is a challenging task to verify their whereabouts during their work hours. This isn’t good for business since this is a grey area for managers and supervisors if they can’t determine what sales people are doing in the field. With the introduction of the personal tracking devices, it is all in the past now.

The personal tracking technology now provides vital data for businesses to increase sales and gain an extensive knowledge of the teams in the field. It is a great advantage to be able to track your sales teams, observe the route taken and how fast their vehicle is moving. Supervisors can analyze the data to provide effective solutions for problems the sales team might encounter in the field. These small tracking devices can be carried on person or attached to a metal surface by using magnetic cases.

Whether you have a small or a large company, sales force tracking is a critical requirement for businesses all around the world. Making an investment in personal tracking systems will not only stop unauthorized vehicle usage, you will also be able to keep a check on employees who are underperforming.
With the help of personal tracking platform, sales force tracking will allow you to know where your sales teams at all times. Managers will be able to verify if the sales teams have made assigned visits or slacking in the field. With the telematics and GPS data, you can also check the total distance travelled by your employees and compensate them accordingly. This will also get rid of false overtime and gas claims as well.
Tracking a sales team with a personal tracking device allows you to use a number of features managers can benefit in order to improve their operation. Route history, geo-fence zones, real-time tracking and many other features will be at your disposal to control your teams and boost sales. With the geo-fence feature, field managers can create virtual perimeters and assign a zone for each sales team. The tracking device can be configured to send an alert whenever it enters or leaves the assigned area. This way managers can make sure the sales teams stay in their designated area and improve overall productivity.

As mentioned before, sales personnel has a lot of freedom in the field and for companies with hundreds even thousands of sales people, it is hard to distinguish who is doing their job and who isn’t. Personal tracking data provided by the tracking platform allows you to identify unwanted crew behaviours such as unauthorized vehicle use, speeding or not attending to customers or job sites. This will allow you to eliminate bad habits and your employees will develop better work ethics. You can also issue instant alerts to employees displaying such behaviour.
By equipping your sales teams with personal tracking devices, you can help them avoid heavy traffic, road maintenance, accidents and enable to reach their destinations faster. Tracking your sales teams in real-time allows you to monitor their activities closer. You can view the amount of time they spend with the clients, how often they visit or detect any unattended customers. In the event of an urgent request, by using real-time tracking, dispatchers can locate the closest team member and reroute them to deal with the customer. This will save you time, increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

GPS tracking technology has advanced to the point that it is extremely reliable and affordable for all companies. Investing in personal tracking systems will save your company a considerable amount of time, money and effort. Managers will be able to control their field teams more efficiently which will increase your revenue. Personal locators have become a necessity to deal with the difficulties you will encounter in the field.



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